This is my collage, obviously, but as you can see i really like music. Well, to be honest i love music. It has been my escape from reality. Its just so calming to listen to, and there are so many variety’s as well. Another reason why i love music is because since there is so much to listen to, its like i can listen to it forever. I was first introduced into indie in 2017 by my older cousin, he showed me different kinds of music. Before i used to listen to pop, like whatever was on the radio, and now since i look back onto it, its kind of embarrassing. In 2019, when i was doing homework one day, i listened to my other cousins playlist. The music just filled my head and it was like my worries went away. I can still remember the song it was, it was “Sunflower” by Rex Orange County. That song is now very nostalgic to me, and i just wish i can listen to the song again for the first time. After that playlist i started listening to different kinds of music. I listen to indie, alternative, and rock a lot, but never country.

I listen to still lots of different genres of music. I recently have started getting into the band “Surf Curse” because of one of my friends. He has amazing taste in music as well, i ask him to recommend me songs to listen to when i am bored. Anyways thought, music is amazing, i really do not know what i would do without it. Currently the main bands i listen to now are nastyona (a korean alternative band), tv girl, surf curse, and crystal castles. One of my forever favorite bands are “My bloody Valentine” which is the reason why i made my blog this. MBV is a band from the 90s and its usually more guitar you hear than actual lyrics.

As you can tell one thing i have on the collage is manga. I love reading in general, but my favorite thing is to read mangas. They are so interesting read and the drawings are just amazing. One of my favorite Manga artist is Junji Ito, he makes horror manags. I currently only have two of his mangas, but i am going to buy more when i have the time to. Junji Ito’s mangas are so good, and his drawings are just so perfect. The first manga that i ever got of his was “Uzumaki”, that manga really scared me, but it was so interesting and there were so many twists. Thats really all, Thank You.

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